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In the summer of 1997, in a small studio in Shirogane-dai, a new record label was born - its name, 'Kitchen Label'.

The producer of this label is the duo group Nobody(Kihara Toshio/Aizawa Yukio)
Nobody was formed in 1982, and as well as writing and performing their own songs, they write and produce for many other artists and are recognized as the number one songwriting team in Japan. Their high quality sound production haas achieved remarkable acclaim.

The music on ' Kitchen Label ' is based on the British rock style of the sixties, a period which left a lasting impression on the duo, and combines music from this era with the new alternative sounds. The music exudes both warmth and professionalism.

The first release under the ' Kitchen Label ' is entitled 'Kitchen '.
A special menu of 12 dishes has been created by six units, each concocting 2 dishes of a powerful yet simple, pure and individualistic flavor.Please savor and enjoy the taste.
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